2017 NCCW Candidates

The Nominating Committee presents the following nominations. Slate is in alphabetical order. Voting will take place May 1-22. NCCW will send a link to all individual members and current presidents of affiliates (diocese, deanery/vicariate, parish) who have provided NCCW with an email address. Members who do not have an email address will receive a ballot in the mail. Candidates’ statements, complete resumes and photos are posted on the NCCW website. Election results will be announced [date to be posted soon]. To be eligible to vote in the upcoming elections, an individual member must be current in her dues and affiliate presidents (receiving 2 votes) must be listed on the record 60 days prior to the electronic voting (Bylaws, Article VIII, Section I).

Nominees for President Elect

Jean Kelly, Archdiocese of Milwaukee
“I am running for President Elect because I believe in the historic, yet timely, mission of NCCW. It is my desire to have every Catholic woman join this incredible organization. My focus would be on communication, so every diocese and parish has tools to inform women about NCCW. In this way, we will continue the legacy and lay a strong foundation for the next 100 years. My experience working at the parish, archdiocesan, province and national levels of NCCW have prepared me to serve all areas of council, so together we may support, empower and educate all Catholic women.”

NCCW: 2015-Present NCCW Secretary, Province Director 2014-2015.
A/DCCW: 2010-2014 Co-President, Milwaukee Archdiocesan Council of Catholic Women (MACCW). Revitalized a dying organization through grassroots marketing efforts, social media, and a revamped website. Developed a vibrant newsletter drawing attention to new and valuable events which have grown across the archdiocese. Recruited new board members to continue the mission of MACCW. 2008-2010 Treasurer: managed finances, implemented processes to ensure accurate reporting and a reduction in fraud risk. Managed reservations and memberships.
Parish: Founder & President, St. Mary’s Christian Women; Parish Pastoral Council/Human Concerns Ministry; Bible Study leader; Catholic Study Club; founded Blue Tray Café hot lunch program; Kitchen Walk fundraisers; Food Ministry Program Coordinator.
Other: Attended 6 NCCW conventions; organized all aspects of MACCW conventions from 2012-2017.
Plover 2010, Green Bay 2014.
EDUCATION: Carroll University, Business Administration.

Nominees for Secretary

Bev McCarvel, Diocese of Winona
“You know, looking back, I must thank the Jaycee Women (Women of Today now) for helping me come out of my shell. I was very shy when we got married and it was this organization that gave me strength, and 4-H with my kids, but it was the Council of Catholic Women that gave me wings. Yes, I’ve been President and Secretary of all those things and now Province Director. I have loved each level I’m involved with, and feel I have much to give to the NCCW as your Secretary. When I was asked to run for Secretary, I said YES!” 

NCCW: Province of St Paul/Minneapolis Province Director 2015- Present.
A/DCCW: CCW President, Secretary, Organization Chair; Area CCW President, Secretary, Organization Chair; Winona Diocesan CCW President 2009-11, Organization Commission Chair, Secretary, Family Commission Chair.
Parish: Liturgist, Parish Council, Choir Director, Eucharistic Minister.
Other: Jaycee Women President, Vice President, Secretary, Kasson, MN and Worthington, MN; 4-H Leader; SWMN Habitat for Humanity Board member, Church Committee member and President; Minnesota Blandin Community Leadership Program graduate; Curves Training Time and Life Management Seminar; Camp Wellstone; Various Council of Catholic Women Conventions and Workshops; Attended 3 LTD trainings and Hosted one of them in my Diocese while I was Diocesan President.

Teresa Sarzynski, Diocese of Amarillo
“We are called to support, educate and empower Catholic Women. I would like to place my name in nomination for Secretary of NCCW, a job I have been training for throughout my 32 years of service to Council. NCCW has seen great changes over the last few years and I have followed their progress while serving as Province Director, Service, Governance, Nominating, Resolution and Our Lady of Good Council committees on the national level. Please elect me and allow me to continue to contribute to the organization I love and want to continue for another 100 years.”

NCCW: San Antonio Province Director, 2O11-2013. Served on Service Commission and Governance, Nominating, Resolution and Our Lady of Good Council committees.
A/DCCW: President, Vice President, Secretary, Community Concerns and Silent Auction. Sub-affiliate (deanery) Vice President, Parliamentarian, and Treasurer
Parish: President, vice president, treasurer, parliamentarian and circle president.
Educational and other Experience: Bachelor of Science in Nursing serving as floor nurse, charge nurse and director of nursing at St. Anthony's Hospital; Co-Own two insurance agencies for 35 years; Parent Teacher organization for 22 years with leadership positions; Amarillo A & M Mothers' Club for 7 years serving as vice president, treasurer and scholarship committee. Attended NCCW leadership and development training twice.

Nominees for Nominating Committee

9 candidates are slated for 2017 Nominating Committee.

Mary Sue Barnum, Diocese of Charleston, SC
“My involvement with my affiliate began over 30 years ago with a nudge from a very close friend. As a married, working mother with three children, I didn’t know if I could join an organization and be active. I have been blessed! Not only has my affiliate, deanery, diocese and province brought me many sisters, they have given me nudges and confidence to grow and hold leadership positions. Having attended many NCCW Conventions, I want to see NCCW grow with capable women in leadership roles. The nudges have not stopped. Now is the time for me to get involved.” 

Mary Ann Cummins, Diocese of Cheyenne, WY
“I am seeking the office of membership to the NCCW Nominating Committee because I see the importance of good leaders for the National Council of Catholic Women after having served as Denver Province Director. Good leaders who work together and have the best interests of this organization in mind is crucial to the continuation of the organization. Teamwork and prayer are important components of the Council. I have contacts with women in various areas and work situations, so I believe I could aid in gaining nominations for officers for NCCW.”

Marlene Grover, Diocese of Charleston, SC
“It is with excitement that I submit my application for consideration to the National Council of Catholic Women Nominating Committee. I was introduced to Council shortly after moving to South Carolina. NCCW goals and mission are close to my heart. Through my experience gained with several organizations and businesses in communication, leadership and processing resumes, I believe I am an excellent candidate to help in the nominating process for NCCW. This opportunity gives me a chance to continue to be a part of an organization that is uplifting and inspiring to women all over the world!”

Michele Prado-Landreth, Diocese of Pueblo, CO
“Representing the Shrine of St. Therese Council of Catholic Women from Pueblo, Colorado, I attended the NCCW Convention in 2015 and in 2016, was asked to consider being on the Nomination Committee. I felt honored being asked and feel I would be an asset in this position.  I’m hoping if a part of the NCCW Nominating Committee, I will inspire other women from our area to step forward to be more involved with this great organization as it does so much for others--locally as well as internationally.”

Sharon Ann O’Brien, Diocese of Washington, DC
“Service on the Nominating Committee means to help identify and encourage the exceptional women who will lead us into our next 100 year history. Since my service on the national board, starting in 2013, as a province director with work on the Spirituality and Service Commissions and Resolutions and Hospitality Committees, I have met hundreds of faith-filled women who are deeply committed to NCCW. With three years of nominating committee service for my archdiocesan council and decades of experience in non-profit organizations, I know the importance of strong leadership. I would gladly work with others to find those exceptional leaders.”

Nancy Poll, Diocese of Nashville, TN
“After prayerful consideration, I am honored to run for the NCCW Nominating Committee. I have served 40 years on the parish, diocesan, province and national levels. After serving two years on the NCCW Board as Province Director and Service Commission Chair, I understand qualities needed in effective leaders, believe in the NCCW mission, and have developed excellent working relationships with Council members throughout the nation. NCCW has recently conquered serious financial difficulties. It is imperative that future officers from various regions with various qualities and talents keep the organization sustainable and moving forward. I will work to secure excellent candidates.” 

Arleen Roelike, Diocese of St. Cloud, MN
“I became active in CCW leadership in 2000, after I attended my First Province Conference and became inspired. Since that time, I have been active on most levels of CCW; vice-president and president on parish, Deanery and Diocesan Councils and a Province board member. At present, I am Newsletter editor/Webmaster for our Diocese. Along the way, I have met amazing women, who have shared their time, knowledge and commitment. CCW has become my passion: I want to continue to give back to the organization that has given me so much. Please consider voting for me for the upcoming Nominating Committee.”

Diane Tugander Diocese of Miami, FL
“I have prayed on submitting my name into Nomination for this Committee. Council has given me a sense of self-worth, has helped me to develop my God given talents and the ability to use those talents to help others. I feel with my 35+ years of Council experience I can, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, help select the most qualified, worthy candidates for the Offices of the National Council. We need to have strong, qualified, faith-filled women to lead us into our 100th year of service to the Bishops and to continue to do the work of our founding mothers.” 

Linnea Warda, Diocese of Joliet, IL
 “I, Linnea Warda, am running for a position on the nominating committee. I have been an active member of the Council of Catholic Women for 33 years. St. Pius X in Lombard, Illinois is my parish. This is where my love for CCW began. This is where I first started my journey. I am here today because people believed in me and encouraged me. The training I received from being a part of the CCW helped me be a good leader. I have held many positions in my parish, deanery and diocese. I served as president of the parish, the deanery and of the Joliet DCCW. I am currently on the board of the Friends of NCCW for WUCWO. I attended 19 CCW conventions and one General Assembly and met many wonderful women from all over the country. I feel that I could make a contribution to the nominating committee.”