Respite Program

The redesigned 3rd edition of the Respite Manual is now available in the NCCW Store! The Respite Program brochure is available in the store as well, or you may download it here.

Respite Program Brochure
(Adobe PDF File)

Media Resource

Media: What is the Message?

Ask the Parliamentarian Resource

Ask the Parliamentarian
(Adobe PDF File)

Protocol Points Resource

Protocol Points
(Adobe PDF File)

Women Healing the Wounds: Domestic Violence Resource

Domestic Violence Resource
(Adobe PDF File)
Safety Flyer
(Microsoft Word Document)
Safety Flyer Instructions
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Women Healing the Wounds: Domestic Violence Brochure

Domestic Violence Brochure
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New Evangelization Program Resources


A program of the NCCW Leadership Commission designed to help members and affiliations discover and actively participate in sharing the Good News, the Joy of Jesus ---the New Evangelization! This program as well as a promotional brochure is downloadable. 
If you would prefer to order a bound copy of the program instead of printing it, please contact the office to order.

ATTENTION all parishes with a Spanish speaking community: We are delighted to announce that "We Are Called to Witness" has been translated into Spanish. Both editions can be used by a bi-lingual study group since they follow the same format and pagination. We are so grateful to Maribeth Stewart, NCCW's WUCWO representative, for making this happen!

Estamos llamadas a dar testimonio - Un programa del Consejo Nacional de Mujeres Católicas (NCCW) diseñado para ayudar a las socias y asociaciones a descubrir y participar activamente en compartir la Buena Nueva, la alegría de Jesús y ¡La Nueva Evangelización!

"We Are Called to Witness" Lenten Calendar - For a Lenten calendar of ways to use the "We Are Called to Witness" program, click below.
Lenten Calendar
(Adobe PDF File)
New Evangelization bookmark: Ready to download and print.