NCCW 2015 Resolution

Consecrated Life

1  Purpose:   To Celebrate and Support Religious Vocations to the Consecrated Life. 

2  Whereas, Pope Francis proclaimed a Year of Consecrated Life starting on the first Sunday of  
3  Advent 2014 and ending on February 2, 2016, The World Day of Consecrated Life;

4  Whereas, The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops Committee on Clergy,                                                     
5  Consecrated Life and Vocations is promoting “Days with Religious” initiatives and resources                        
6  to help families learn about the consecrated life of religious men and women; and

7  Whereas, Our brothers and sisters in Christ living consecrated lives make great contributions          
8  to our society through a vast number of ministries;

9  Resolved, That National Council of Catholic Women (NCCW) members participate in and offer 
10 assistance with open houses, tours, and receptions held in convents, abbeys, monasteries, 
11 and religious houses;

12 Resolved, That NCCW members join religious apostolates on special service projects such as 
13 assisting the elderly, ministering to the poor and homeless, and caring for the less fortunate; 
14 and

15 Resolved, That NCCW members support vocations to the consecrated life through the           
16 offering of prayers, spiritual bouquets, and appropriate gifts.

Submitted by:
NCCW Spirituality Commission