NCCW 2015 Resolution

NCCW Website

1  Purpose:    To encourage members of the National Council of Catholic Women (NCCW) to use 
2  and promote the NCCW website, an important vehicle of communication for both NCCW        
3  Individual and Affiliate Members. 

4  Whereas, The National Council of Catholic Women acts through its membership to support,   
5  empower, and educate all Catholic women; 

6  Whereas, Vital information, including new programs and commission resources, is now          
7  posted on the NCCW website; and 

8  Whereas, NCCW website content is free and readily available to members; 

9  Resolved, That all NCCW members and affiliations actively promote frequent use of the        
10 NCCW website;

11 Resolved, That the leaders at all levels of Council encourage their members to print/             
12 download programs and resources as they become available; and 

13 Resolved, That the NCCW website be utilized as a marketing and outreach tool for                
14 membership development and leadership training.

Submitted by: 
NCCW Leadership Commission