Installation of New Board Members for the National Council of Catholic Women

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Washington, DC, September 1, 2020 — Installation of New Board Members for the National Council of Catholic Women

On August 29, 2020, National Council of Catholic Women Board members were installed by NCCW President Jean Kelly. The newly-elected NCCW Treasurer, Marla Johnston from the Diocese of San Antonio, Rev. Miguel Gonzalez, Chair of NCCW Spiritual Advisors from the Diocese of Orlando, and 11 new Province Directors were installed via Zoom.

“We had hoped we would be holding this ceremony at our 100th anniversary Convention in Arlington, Virginia on this exact day but due to COVID we were forced to postpone; nonetheless, we are flexible and are able to make the best of the situation,” said NCCW President Jean Kelly to the more than 40 NCCW members of the Board of Directors present on the Zoom call.

Every year, approximately half of the NCCW Board completes their term of office and new Board Members begin their term. In 2020, the new Board members include: Deanna Holmer, Province of Atlanta; Celestine Person-Green, Province of Baltimore; Nympha White, Province of Chicago; Nancy Bachicha, Province of Denver; Mary Ann Brenner, Province of Galveston/ Houston; Connie Gillies, Province of Hartford; Suzanne Marie Gardiner, Province of Indianapolis; Theresa Pavlik, Province of Omaha; Alycia Laureti, Province of Philadephia; Gloria Krzyzanowski, Province of San Francisco; and Rita Lueckenotte, Province of St. Louis.

“These individuals, who have been elected by their respective peers, will serve the National Council of Catholic Women for the next two years in their respective offices. Each of us has different gifts. These individuals have been recognized for their gifts of spirituality, leadership and service and have been chosen to serve,” said Jean Kelly. She then thanked the outgoing Province Directors, Rev. Richard Dawson, outgoing Chair of the Spiritual Advisors and Rose Martinet, outgoing Treasurer for their service to NCCW.

“Our members have delegated to you the responsibility of fulfilling the mission and goals of the National Council of Catholic Women. The task before you requires great faith, humility, strength, knowledge, and an abundance of gracious love.”

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