Synod 2021 - 2023: For a synodal Church: communion, participation and mission


"The Church of God is convoked in Synod.
With this convocation, Pope Francis invites the whole Church to question itself on synodality:
a decisive theme for the life and mission of the Church."

Please click here for the official Vatican website.

Thank you to everyone that participated in the poll to select the 5 themes of the NCCW Listening Sessions.  Please see below for the dates and topics of the sessions.  Click the flyer for the Zoom link and times.

NCCW Synod Listening Session Flyer

Date Session Presenter/Facilitator
2/16/2022  Overview/Introduction Father Miguel González
2/23/2022 Dialogue in Church and Society Amy Kennedy, LTD trainer
3/9/2022 Listening Jody Waterman, LTD trainer
3/16/2022 Speaking Out Susie Harting, LTD trainer
3/23/2022 Discerning and Deciding Judy Maurer & Peggy Balou, LTD trainers
3/30/2022 With Other Christian Denominations Linda Clark. PD Consultant/LTD trainer


Synod 2021 - 2023: For a synodal Church: communion, participation and mission

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