Leadership, Training, and Development (LTD): A Council Enrichment Program

Need training, don't know how to recruit members, wondering how you can gain your Spiritual Advisor's support, or maybe you think your image could be better? The LTD team can assist with these issues and countless others. The team offers one or two day training sessions for your members. We will ask your members to fill out an anonymous survey and the leadership will answer an inquiry about their group. These survey tools will assist in customizing your Leadership Training Development sessions to address your challenges, educate and empower your council members and leaders. Training exercises, group discussions, and handouts are included to enhance your training day.

Here is a sampling of the more than 50 topics from which you can choose for your training:

  • Officer Training

  • Leadership Succession

  • Job Descriptions

  • Mentoring

  • Action Plans

  • Volunteer Management

  • Life Cycle of Your Group

  • Change

  • Image

  • Effective Committees

Useful Documents

Email NCCWltdcontact@gmail.com to request an application to host a program.

LTD: The Beautiful

By Mary Matheus, LTD Coordinator

Zoom meetings are very popular these days. I would like to share what we tried on our last affiliation board meeting Zoom call. Please note, you can also try this if you meet in person. Each member was asked to share something beautiful that God placed in their lives in the last 30 days. It could be anything—from a song, an opera, a homily, a liturgy, a moment in nature, to any moment you felt the presence of God in your life.

The result was many were brought to tears by the beauty that was placed in each of our lives. It took our thoughts away from the negative – the election and the pandemic. We were able to concentrate on moments that were orchestrated by God.

One person shared how her mom was struggling with the lack of contact in the assisted living facility where she resides. On a recent Sunday after Mass, she told her pastor. As she told the story, she started to sob because she had been unable to touch her own mom since March and her mom has extreme hearing loss, making it difficult to communicate by telephone or 6’ apart in person.  He sat her in a chair in the narthex, reached into his pocket for the oil for the Sacrament of the Sick and anointed her. He told her to share this anointing with her mother when she saw her next which was that very afternoon, since the facility would not allow him to come anoint her himself. At the facility, six feet from her mom and masked, she told her the beautiful story of Father anointing her and praying for her and her mother. Both felt such deep love and healing by this most holy Sacrament.

This is the beauty of sharing our lives with one another, giving hope to one another and caring for each other. What brings hope and healing is leadership. I encourage you to bring leadership to your CCW by sharing what touched you. This could be a Christmas gift or a New Year’s gift to your members. Share your blessings and be blessed. For more information, email us at NCCWltdcontact@gmail.com or call Susie Harting at (407)314-0307.

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