Leadership Training Development (LTD) Program

Need training, don't know how to recruit members, wondering how you can gain your Spiritual Advisor's support, or maybe you think your image could be better? The LTD team can assist with these issues and countless others. The team offers one or two day training sessions for your members. We will ask your members to fill out an anonymous survey and the leadership will answer an inquiry about their group. These survey tools will assist in customizing your Leadership Training Development sessions to address your challenges, educate and empower your council members and leaders. Training exercises, group discussions, and handouts are included to enhance your training day.

Here is a sampling of the more than 50 topics from which you can choose for your training:

  • Officer Training

  • Leadership Succession

  • Job Descriptions

  • Mentoring

  • Action Plans

  • Volunteer Management

  • Life Cycle of Your Group

  • Change

  • Image

  • Effective Committees

How well do you know your CCW sisters?

That is the question that I ask each of you.  What does your Council do to promote community?  Do you socialize as a CCW?  Do you take time during a meeting to learn about each other?

I have found that the more connected we become, the more we bond as CCW sisters, the more productive and successful our Council will be.  We will want to be with our friends to work on that fundraiser that no one thought was possible because it was too much work.  We will want to cook that dinner side by side, laughing and joking about life with our friends.  We will want to spend time together.

So how do we get to know one another?  Simple icebreakers can help us to learn.  Here are some ways to help you….

  • Have everyone write down 3 things about themselves, one thing being something that hardly anyone would know. Then at each meeting, read 3 or 4 of the cards and try to guess who that person is.
  • Have everyone sit facing each other, if possible. Ask a series of questions and have them stand if this applies to them.  EG….    Are they a morning person?  2.  Are they a night owl?  (Comment on who should be making the coffee and who should be cleaning up after that dinner dance.)  3.  Do they do calligraphy?  Do they quilt? Knit? Crochet? Play a musical instrument? Sing? Dance?  4.  Were they ever a cheerleader?  5.  Does anyone consider themselves a comedienne?  Make up your own questions, especially if you need someone for a particular task.  Be creative.
  • Pair up with someone you don’t know or don’t know very well. Take a few minutes to get to know one another.  And then introduce have the other person, introduce them to the group.  Possible questions…Where they are from?  Do they have children, grandchildren, etc.?  What to they do?  Retired or working?  What do they do to relax?  What do they do for fun?

I guarantee you that if you bond as a group and continue to bond with new members that join you, you will grow as a Council and women will be drawn to you.


Mary Matheus

LTD team member

Upcoming LTD Programs

Province of Los Angeles

Yorba Linda, California

Two Day Program November 2 -3, 2018

Contact:  Jackie Brandon JmissJack@roadrunner.com

Knoxville DCCW

One day Program April 5th, 2019

Contact:  Karen Vacaliuc


Province of Detroit

St. Martha Catholic Church, Okemos, Michigan

One day program April 27, 2019

Contact:  Kathleen Penno krpkath@hotmail.com

Pending Program

Province of Oklahoma City, OK

One day program June 29,2019

Contact:  Mary Ann Schmitt sgmaschm@gmail.com

Email NCCWltdcontact@gmail.com to request an application to host a program.