Leadership, Training, and Development (LTD): A Council Enrichment Program

Need training, don't know how to recruit members, wondering how you can gain your Spiritual Advisor's support, or maybe you think your image could be better? The LTD team can assist with these issues and countless others. The team offers one or two day training sessions for your members. We will ask your members to fill out an anonymous survey and the leadership will answer an inquiry about their group. These survey tools will assist in customizing your Leadership Training Development sessions to address your challenges, educate and empower your council members and leaders. Training exercises, group discussions, and handouts are included to enhance your training day.

Here is a sampling of the more than 50 topics from which you can choose for your training:

  • Officer Training

  • Leadership Succession

  • Job Descriptions

  • Mentoring

  • Action Plans

  • Volunteer Management

  • Life Cycle of Your Group

  • Change

  • Image

  • Effective Committees

Useful Documents

Email NCCWltdcontact@gmail.com to request an application to host a program.


By Maggie Gray, LTD Consultant

It is often the case that even with all of our good intentions, time gets away from us almost on a daily and regular basis. Has this happened to you? You are not alone – it happens to all of us. But how can we as members of Council hold time back, keep it in check, or stop it from moving forward? We can’t. We can only learn to use our time to our best advantage and learn to work with it and not against it.

We all have important events in our Councils that we work on almost on a daily basis. Perhaps we could consider the following to stay on target and on time:

Organization: Developing and obtaining organized plans among our members for upcoming events is vital to maintain a clear and concise plan of action. Prioritization: We must establish what tasks need to be done and accomplished and within what timeline in order to complete tasks and stay ahead of the “clock.”

Communication: As a team, we must keep all lines of communication open and flowing (back and forth – not just forth) so that all are kept aware of where we are in our planning. Today, we find it extremely easy via email to keep all members informed as to where we are and what remains to be done.

Manage that stress: Stress is usually the culprit that seems to help plans go astray. Stay focused. Remember to take time for you – relax; picture how successful the event will be; enjoy what you are doing to get there and remember to BREATHE. It is important that you take care of you. Without each of you – nothing will get accomplished.

And for a job well done – plan to treat yourself and your Council members to a wonderful week in Arlington, VA to attend the upcoming annual meeting of the National Council of Catholic Women, August 26- 29, 2020. Be a witness to NCCW Council members celebrating 100 years strong!!!

The LTD Team is ready and willing to present a Leadership Training and Development Workshop in your area to help you enhance your Councils and be the best CCW you can be!! Contact us at nccwltdcontact@gmail.com

Upcoming LTD Programs

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June 13th, 2020

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