All memberships including Affiliate members renew on a rolling basis.
Below are several examples for further clarification.

Example 1:
Member/Affiliate “A” joins on June 1, 2022 their expiration date would be May 31, 2023 with a renewal due on June 1, 2023.

Example 2:
Member/Affiliate "B” has a renewal date of December 31, 2022, they pay their renewal on December 1, 2022, their next renewal date will be Dec. 31, 2023

Example 3 :
Member/Affiliate "C" has a renewal date of December 31, 2022, they pay their renewal on February 1, 2023 their membership will expire on January 30, 2024 and renew on February 1, 2024. They will not have membership rights between January 1, 2023 and February 1, 2023 as the membership will be considered expired.

Membership Benefits (Individual, Supporting and Affiliate Groups)

  • Be represented at the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), the United Nations, the World Union of Catholic Women’s Organisations (WUCWO), Catholic Social Ministry Gathering, and Religious Alliance Against Pornography

  • Receive the quarterly print magazine Catholic Woman and monthly e-newsletter, the President's Pen, as well as access to all NCCW publications and resources

  • Be eligible to vote at the Annual Convention and to serve on NCCW Commissions and Committees

  • Collaborate with Catholic Relief Services, Cross Catholic Outreach, Catholic Charities, Catholic Mobilizing Network, Center of Concern’s Education for Justice and many more organizations

  • Join women across the country in monthly membership calls on current topics, such as new programs to serve the poor and vulnerable, leadership development, parliamentary procedures and so much more

  • Join with women across the country in leadership, spirituality and service and attend the NCCW Annual Convention, and participate in events such as the March for Life.

  • Receive a 10 percent discount on all merchandise ordered through our online store.

  • Access to free resources via Members Only site

  • Virtual Affiliate membership  (Individual and Supporting members only)