The National Council of Catholic Women acts through its members to support, empower, and educate all Catholic women in spirituality, leadership, and service. NCCW programs respond with Gospel values to the needs of the Church and society in the modern world.

Founded in 1920 by the U.S. Catholic bishops to provide all Catholic women a common voice and an instrument of unified action

2018 -2019 Theme: NCCW Reflecting God's Joy: Caring for God's Creation

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NCCW Statement on Late Term Abortion

It is with profound sadness that the National Council of Catholic Women contemplates the passage of the late term abortion legislation in New York now being promoted in other states of our country.   The act of killing a child at any stage of life is unconscionable but killing a baby about to be born into the world that could even be in the birth canal or partially delivered can be considered as nothing more than a barbaric act unworthy of this great nation; a nation that noted the right to life in our Declaration of Independence.  We pray that our legislators will understand the sacredness and extraordinary gift of life and that abortion is not a political issue but that there is a moral imperative to preserve and cherish life at all stages.

We believe that there is always forgiveness for those who have chosen abortion and we know that God loves them as He does all His children and hope they find the healing they will come to need.  There are wonderful options for those who carry a child but do not feel they can parent a child.  With medical advances, there are few cases where the choice must be made of one life over another.

The National Council of Catholic Women, deeply shocked and saddened by abortion legislation and by late term abortion, wishes to register our opposition to these laws that destroy rather than preserve that most precious gift, life itself.

Access the PDF of the statement by clicking here.

We are now accepting submissions for the Our Lady of Good Counsel Award! Please click here to access the submission packet.

Want to know what you missed from this year's Catholic Social Ministry Gathering?  Click here to access the summary of the event by NCCW President Maribeth Stewart-Blogoslawski.

The NCCW Board voted to pursue development of a 5-Year Strategic Plan at our January 2019 Board meeting. A strategic plan will help us to focus our efforts, but in order for it to be useful, it is necessary and most desirable that we begin with getting input from the membership of the NCCW.

Click here to access a 5-question questionnaire to share your input.

Please submit your return to the NCCW Office by April 1, 2019 using our email nccw01@nccw.org or through the US Mail at:
National Council of Catholic Women
Strategic Planning
200 N. Glebe Road, Suite 725
Arlington, VA 22203

Call for Bylaws Amendments

Like any thriving organization, the National Council of Catholic Women periodically amends or revises its bylaws to serve better its membership and the mission of the organization.  Each year at our annual convention proposed bylaws amendments are voted on by attending Individual Members and Affiliation Delegates.  Although our convention is not until August, the Bylaws amendment process begins now.

Proposed amendments are reviewed by the Bylaws Committee and are then presented to the NCCW Board of Directors for consideration at its spring meeting.  Notice of the proposed amendments approved by the Board is sent to all affiliation presidents, subdivision presidents, and individual members sixty (60) days in advance of our annual convention.

To allow for the Bylaws Committee and Board of Directors sufficient time to consider amendments for voting at our 2019 convention, proposed amendments using this form must be received by the Bylaws Committee Chair no later than April 12, 2019.

Bylaws Amendment Form (Click Here)

Monthly Member and Rosary Calls

Next Monthly Member Call: March 27, 2019

March's Call Topic:

This month's call features Beth Mahoney, Education Committee chair.  Call in and hear about the work the commission is doing for you!

Monthly Rosary Call - 13th of each month
Call in number for all calls: (515) 739 - 1261 - Pin 703993#
Times are 5 pm (PT), 6 pm (MT), 7 pm (CT), and 8 pm (ET)
1. If you join the call after the start time, please do not announce yourself despite the instruction to do so.
2. When you join the call, please mute your phone by pressing *6. You can take the phone off mute if you wish to speak by pressing *6 again.
Click here to access recordings of past "Member Calls"

Click here to learn about the Holy Land Pen Pal Exchange program!


Click here to see some example letters from students!

Mother's Day

Honor that special woman in your life by having her name added to the mass intentions on Mother's Day at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington DC.  A special card will be sent to her or her family.   Click here for details

Praying with the NCCW

NCCW Prayer Requests

Have your prayer request displayed on the NCCW website for other members to pray for!

Submit your prayer request to nccw01@nccw.org (request must be no longer than 10 words to be included on the site).
Your prayer request will remain online for 30 days.

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