The mission of NCCW is carried out through the work of three commissions, each under the direction of a national commission chair and is often mirrored at archdiocesan/diocesan, regional, and local parish levels.

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The Leadership Commission provides organization development, opportunities for training, as well as public relations resources, and publications to strengthen leadership. The 2017-2019 focus is the New Evangelization.

Chair:  Bev McCarvel

Kathy Ford, Deanna Holmer, Tracy Janis, Martha Klinikowski, Cindy Perry, Yvonne Pygatt, Mary Rausch, Kathy Wilmes, Jean Bazley, Barbara Young Birds, Yvette Carr, Doreen Flash, Alycia Laureti,  Alma Meyer, Diann Nance, Sue Nelson-Helms, Jane Schiszik, Kathleen Tansey, Veronica Way, Shannon Zimmermann




The Service Commission engages the members of NCCW, and all people, in working to address the needs and concerns of their individual communities; and supports and enhances family life within the Church and society.


Chair: Diane Tugander 

Carol Brennan, Rosie Castillo, Susann Engel, Sandy Goetz, Rosemary Henry, Margaret Jackson, Joyce Luten, Rozena McVey, Angie Milatzo, Kathryn Parish-Reese, Elizabeth Schiavone, Mary Ann Schmitt, Beverly South, Loretta Tomasiello, Madeline Tymes, Ruth Warren



The Spirituality Commission reinforces faith and supports service to the Church and to the world through discipleship and spiritual growth; and encourages legislative advocacy at the local, state, and national levels, guided by Catholic social teaching.

Chair: Mary Rowley

Judith Brose, Laura Dodson, Susan Johnson, Alison Mimms, Kim Padan, Kathleen Penno, Patricia Voorhes, Jackie Brandon, Mary Glosson, Rose Guerrero, Linda Hartzell, MaryAnn Reuther, Nina Romero-Caron, Jeannie Salazar-Friddell, Irene Schmidt, Marion Smith-Reynoso

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