Savannah DCCW Brunswick, GA

At the Savannah Diocesan CCW Convention held in Brunswick, GA, Ms. Yoshi Jones (top left), Director of Operations at the House of Hope Refuge of Love, spoke about the young women who are referred by Department of Family and Children Services and Georgia Cares. The goal is to graduate the young women by age 18. They are taught time management and other skills to help the graduates avoid being homeless. The Hope House is not an institution – it is a home for young women. For more information go to Most Reverend Stephen D. Parkes (bottom right), Bishop of Savannah, also accepted a check in the amount of $1,000 for the Msgr. Bourke Scholarship Fund. This scholarship fund supports seminarians studying for the priesthood. Pictured next to the bishop is Alizon McLaughlin, President of the Savannah Deanery CCW (and President-Elect of SDCCW) and GiGi Lacanilao, SDCCW Treasurer.

Submitted 5/9/22 by Yvette Carr